Woohoo!  Got my ticket to Ingrid Michaelson’s Human Again summer tour.  Concert at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA on July 31st.


Have you heard of Ellie Goulding?  Probably not because she is a new music artist from the UK. Whether it be that Adele overshadows her or that people in the US tend to be narrow sighted in respect to the rest of the world, Ellie isn’t getting the attention that she deserves.  So let me just say, Ellie Goulding’s new CD is my music pick of the year and we’re not even done yet!

I think there is something in Ellie’s music for everyone to appreciate.  Her style is officially categorized as “British Electro Folk” which made me question how that combination is conceivably possible.  But upon hearing her music, I would concede it works.  Every song from her March 2011 CD release entitled Lights is as unique as her voice is to the pop mainstream.  Much more that I could say, but I want you to check her out for yourself so you can be as “starry eyed” as I am.


Owl City Blog

When I found this I was so overjoyed I just had to share it!  How well do you truly know Owl City?  Beyond the few songs I’ve heard on the radio I didn’t know much.  Please take a moment to celebrate with me and a shy boy from Minnesota.


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