Citing Sources

The name of this blog, much to my regret, is not original.  I borrowed “The Workshop of Worship” from author Steven Faulkner who published a brilliant article under this name in Touchstone Magazine (1996).  It would be appropriate, therefore, to pay tribute to this article in my first official post.  Take 20 minutes to read this if you are able to commit the time and attention. The subject matter at hand is poetry, yet you need not be an English teacher to appreciate or to apply Faulkner’s principles.  I promise you it will be well worth your time.

I am not publishing the article on this blog directly in order to avoid copyright infringement.  However, “The Workshop of Worship” may be found free of charge in Touchstone’s digital archives here:


Putting Myself Out There

Hello all.

Writing a blog is most uncharacteristic of a self-proclaimed, aspiring agrarian.  I know I am being rather contradictory to my character in creating this, but I’ve reached the conclusion that this is the best way to keep a variety of friends and family informed of all that is happening in my life.

Now before I begin writing the chapters to an ongoing story, allow me to preface this with a disclaimer.  I do not intend for this to be an online journal or a social networking tool.  The world is already too small for my ego and my pride does not need a boost from the attention or comments that online readers habitually offer.  Save all of that for Facebook.  The “Workshop of Worship” is my attempt to offer more than just a play-by-play of daily affairs.  I hope to surpass the monotony of my life and write on things that cause me to wonder, to worship.  And as I wander from moment to moment, day to day, I wish to share with you the vulnerable thoughts and heart-rendering events which I experience, the things which otherwise might be kept private.  Because I believe God gives me certain episodes or insights which are not for self alone, but to be shared and celebrated with other people.  (And I can’t physically be present with all of you at once.)  In the end, these discoveries and devotions will bring glory to God, whether you choose to participate with me or not.

And so I invite you to wander alongside me in this life, in this blog, as one hyper-analytical, idea-driven individual develops a Workshop of Worship, where a picture speaks a thousand words, a crayon unlocks an imagination, a scripture verse releases thousands of truths, and an encounter initiates a relationship.