Chiasm in John 15, Part II

In my last post, I described what a chiasm is and gave numerous examples from the gospel of John.  That discussion only scratched the surface.  Chapter 15 opens with the allegory of the vine and the branches, the call to remain in Jesus and bear fruit, and then it continues into verses 12-17 with the theme of love.  In prose, we hear the command and grasp this concept readily, but a quick read will neglect the central point.

John 15:12-17 Sub Unit

We are commanded to love one another for the reason that God loved us first!  Any religion or secular philosophy can promote the attitude of love; however, none but Christianity has a complete object or concrete purpose for love.  The act of calling us, what theologians would label “election,” is the highest act, or the most ultimate demonstration, of love conceivable.  Therefore, we obey the command to do likewise and extend our branches far, bearing fruit that will last.


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